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Visual Studio Team System Resource Center

Visual Studio Team System--MSBuild
MSBuild on MSDN
The MSBuild page on the Microsoft Developer’s Network. Links are provided to MSBuild Concepst, resources for troubleshooting MSBuild errors, the Security Warning Dialog Box (MSBUILD Project File) and to Microsoft.Build.Conversion (reference documentation).
MSBuild Tasks Library
The SDC Tasks Library from CodePlex is a collection of 300 MSBuild tasks for use in MSBuild projects or as standalone tasks. Tasks are available for creating websites, creating application tools, creating ActiveDirectory users, creating zip files, configuring the SQL Server and more. Site resources include release information, discussions, a issue tracker and license information.
Freeware; MSBuild Sidekick
Freeware: The MSBuild Sidekick from Attrice is a rich graphic user interface visual editor for editing MSBuild projects. Features include modifying default targets; add, remove or modify property groups, properties, item groups, items, targets and target tasks, import or remove external build projects and more. Additional resources include licensing information, Team Foundation Sidekick applications and Team Foundation Sidekick ad-in applications.
MSBuild Reference
MSBuild Reference page. Links are provided to the MSBuild Project File Schema Reference, the MSBuild Task Reference, the MSBuild Conditions, the MSBuild Conditional Constructs, the MSBuild Reserved Properties, the MSBuild Command Line Reference, the MSBuild Targets Files, the MSBuild well-known Item Metadata, the MSBuild Response Files, additional MSBuild resources and an overview of MSBuild.

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Update :: November 17, 2019