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Visual Studio Team System Resource Center

Visual Studio Team System Videos
Writing Maintainable and Robust Applications
Video: TechEd 2007: DEV320 Follow Up from Noah Coad. The session "Overview of Visual Studio Team Developer: Writing Maintainable and Robust Applications with Microsoft Studio Team System," presented at TechEd 2007 is available to watch (video), and download the slides and demo source code.
Introduction to VSTS
The Visual Studio Team System Developer Center resources include a listing of videos the overview the core technologies including the Class designer, branching, Changeset, Checkin/Checkout, workspaces, navigating the project portal, and more; webcasts including Code Visualization with Visual Studio 2005, Introduction to Visual Studio Team System, and Visual Studio 2005 Team System Overview; technical articles on topics that include the distributed system design suite, the application designer, the logical datacenter designer, Team Edition for Software Testers, building robust and reliable software and more; and training.
Visit this site for the latest Visual Studio Team System news, forums, blogs, tutorials, downloads, links to Team System User Groups in your area and more. Includes numerous free video tutorials (from about Team Foundation Server, Team Foundation Version Control, VSTE/Arc, VSTE/Dev, VSTE/Test, Class Designer, Visual Studio Team Suite, and the Reporting and Project Portal.
Team System Videos
Videos: Brian Keller, a technical evangelist for Team System, list links for locating 14 Team System Videos. Topics include the Studio System family of products, how to us the Code profiler, source control management capabilities, discussion on pricing and licensing, the DataDude (an Excel file for downloading reports, summarizing selected data and graphing the data) Team, examples of CodePlex (an online software development environment for creating, hosting, and managing open source projects), FastDash (Fostering Awareness for Software Teams Dashboard) is a visual dashboard for team activity awareness, narrated demos, and a tour of the new patterns and practices lab.
Visual Studio Team System Features
Video Tutorial: "Visual Studio Team System Features," from This fee-based membership will get you access to a series of 42 VSTS tutorial videos on topics that include Static Analysis of Unmanaged C/C++ Code, Code Coverage, Static Analysis of Managed Code, Profiling ASP.NET Applications, Profiling Windows Applications, Generating and Running a Unit Test, Class Design with the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer, Refactoring Classes using the VS2005 Class Designer, Using the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer for Creating Documentation, Visualizing Code using the Visual Studio Class Designer, Designing a Distributed Application using the Application Designer, Binding a Distributed Application to a Logical Datacenter Diagram using the Deployment Designer, Importing IIS Settings into the Distributed System Designers, Designing a Logical Datacenter, Using the System Designer to Create Composable Systems, Extending the Distributed System Designers using the SDM SDK, Automating Nightly Builds with Team Build, Customizing the Build Process with Team Build, Using the Team Explorer, Configuring Team Foundation Notifications, Customizing Process Templates, Customizing Work Items, Microsoft Excel Integration, Microsoft project Integration, The MSF Agile Process Template, Project Metrics Data Warehouse, Navigating the VSTS Project Portal, Understanding VSTS Reports, Creating Custom Reports in VSTS, Introduction to Version Control in VSTS Branching, Using Team Foundation Server's Command Line Tools, Enforcing and Customizing Check-in Policies, Introduction to Version Control in VSTS: Workspaces, Diffing, and Shelving, Creating and Running a Web Test, Command Line Text Execution, Creating and Running a Load Test, Creating and Executing a Manual Test, and Managing Test Cases in VSTS.
Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Videos
Visual Studio Team System Videos from Microsoft. The series contains 27 videos with over four hours of instruction on topics that include: Introduction to Unit Testing with Team System, Introduction to Testing Web Applications with Team System, Introduction to Load Testing Web Applications with Team System, Introduction to Manual Testing with Team System, Introduction to Managing and Running Tests with Team System, Measuring the Business Value of AJAX, Code Coverage of Automated Tests, Custom Extraction Rules and Coded Web Tests, The Effects of Caching, Using the Load test Agent, The Effects of ViewState, How Do I Integrate Defect Tracking with Testing?, How Do I Create My Own Bug Work Item?, How Do I Write Code More Quickly with Unit Tests?, How Do I Practice Test-Driven Development?, How Do I Load Test a Web Application?, How Do I Tune Web Application Performance with Profiling?, How Do I Set Up Distributed Load Testing for High Volume Tests?, How Do I Enforce Coding Standards with Code Analysis?, How Do I Use Generic Tests?, How Do I Publish and Analyze Test Results?, How Do I Discover Application Changes Prior to deployment?, How Do I Implement Continuous Integration with Team Foundation?, How Do I Automate Testing Using Team Build?, How Do I Deploy a Web Application During a Team Build?, How Do I Run Unit Tests Against a Deployed Database?, and How Do I Enable Code Converge and Profiling in Production Applications. There are also two videos on Visual Studio 2005 Add-ins: Web Deployment Projects and Web Application projects and Web deployment Projects.

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