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Visual Studio Team System Resource Center

Visual Studio Team System Webcasts
Introduction to VSTS
The Visual Studio Team System Developer Center resources include a listing of videos the overview the core technologies including the Class designer, branching, Changeset, Checkin/Checkout, workspaces, navigating the project portal, and more; webcasts including Code Visualization with Visual Studio 2005, Introduction to Visual Studio Team System, and Visual Studio 2005 Team System Overview; technical articles on topics that include the distributed system design suite, the application designer, the logical datacenter designer, Team Edition for Software Testers, building robust and reliable software and more; and training.
Visual Studio Team System
Webcast: "Special Report: Visual Studio Team System," from FTPOnline. Discusses the Visual Studio 2005 Team System in a series of webcasts (video and slides). Topics include deploying supporting files as part of a VSTS Unit Tests, streamline TFS permissions management, customize the "Bug" Work Item Template, the new Team Edition for database professionals, using VSTS for advanced testing, five management essentials, best practices for testing managed code and requirements patterns with VSTS.

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