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Web 3D Technologies
Web 3D Application Downloads from
3DNA Desktop from 3DNA
3DNA Desktop from 3DNA is a 3D desktop application that enhances the way users work with Windows on the web. Users can toggle between 2D and 3D desktops and customize their desktop. 3DNA will also scan a user's system and create custom links to assist users in getting started.
Effect3D by Reallusion
Effect3D by Reallusion allows users to produce 3D Objects with animation and 3D effects. The application is a wizard-based interface and users can export their creations as animated or static GIF, BMP or JPEG files, incorporate them into email or web page graphics, PowerPoint Presentations or desktop applications. The application includes are tools (pencil, stroke, water colors, textures, lighting and shadows), morphing technology, and Photo-Realistic and non-Photo-Realistic renderings.
Shockwave Player from Adobe Systems
Shockwave Player from Adobe Systems is a free browser plug-in for online gaming and entertainment. Users can experience 3D games and entertainment as well as interactive demonstrations and applications. This browser has been downloaded by almost 5 million users!
ex-Motion by Beatware
ex-Motion by Beatware enables users to develop Flash animations and integrate them with Adobe GoLibe, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Microsoft FrontPage. Users can import Photoshop and Illustrator documents and QuickTime, MS Media, JPEG, Lightwave 3D, 3D Studio Max, Windows Meta Format (and many other) files. Users can export their applications to Macromedia Flash, QuickTime, MS Media RealVideo and many others.
2D/3D Line Graph for PHP
2D/3D Line Graph for PHP, by Sirius Computer Consultants. PHP script for embedding dynamically generated line graphs and charts into PHP applications and HTML web pages.
3D Button Visual Editor from MediaSoft
3D Button Visual Editor from MediaSoft is an application for the creation of 3D buttons for use on web sites or in standalone applications. Users can manage button collections and generate HTML code and JavaScript code that can be inserted in a web page.

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