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Web 3D Technologies
Web 3D: X3D
X3D Content Engine and Browser Plugin
Freeware: Internet Explorer and Firefox users can download the source code for this X3D content engine and browser plugin from SourceForge. Wiki's wiki. Learn about the public X3D wiki: usage guidelines, how to wiki, and how to create a new page; X3D documentation: how-to guides, node reference, plug-in and browser compliance, and recommendations for browser developers; X3D community information (upcoming events); Web3D news, X3D specifications, help, recent changes, and how to join the consortium.
"SVG and X3D in the Context of the XML Family..."
Sample chapter: "SVG and X3D in the Context of the XML Family and the Semantic Web," from Visualizing Information Using SVG and X3D, January 2005, by Valdimir Geroimenko and Chaomei Chen. Discusses HTML to XML and the semantic web, the main features of XML. HTML and XHTML.
Web3D Consortium Projects Page
Projects: The Web3D Consortium's projects page. Developers are invited to use and contribute to the projects listed here. Current projects include: Xj3D—Java-based toolkit and X3D browser for creating X3D products; FreeWRL—a VRML/X3D browser for Mac and Linux with support for JavaScript, the external authoring interface (EAI), and the X3D scene access interface (SAI); Flux Web3D Engine—high-performance implementation of X3D and VRML standards for a web browser plugin for Windows; OpenVRML—cross platform VRML/X3D runtime library for platforms running the X Windows system; Rawkee—X3D plugin for Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited for exporting Maya 3D data as an X3D file with scripting; X3DToolkit—free toolkit for loading, displaying and processing X3D scenegraph and models; libx3d—library tools for XML X3D data/files and rendering using OpenGL; Info3D—web application for information visualization (IV) using OpenGL; The Planet Earth Project—Web3D interactive, extensible, earth map created and annotated by the public; and GPAC—multimedia framework based on MPEG-4 Systems standard that integrates SVG/SMIL, VRML, X3D, SWF, and 3GPP(2) tools.
"Extensible 3D: XML Meets VRML"
Article: "Extensible 3D: XML Meets VRML," by Len Bullard. Discusses the VRML Standard, Extensible 3D (X3D), who is using VRML, what's new in VRML, XML, binary formats, MIME type support, X3D browsers and toolkits, Xj3D, Flux, Linux browsers, X3D editors, exporters and converters, and an X3D tutorial. The tutorial discusses the X3D Root element (head, scene, shape, appearance and viewpoint elements), animation with transforms, sensors, interpolators and ROUTEs, understanding X3D objects, and using X3D behaviors.
Web3D Consortium Web Site
Web3D Consortium web site. The home page lists the most recent news articles regarding X3D, recent blogs, upcoming events, message boards and their most recent topics, recent press releases, RSS feeds and the W3C Web Standards.
X3D Wiki
Wikipedia's information about X3D, the ISO standard for real-time computer graphics. Topics include documentation, viewers, the API, tools, OpenSource implementations, the Web3D Consortium, VRML, Flux, examples and community.
Web 3D: X3D Books
X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web Authors, April 2007, by Don Brutzman and Leonard Daly. Written by two of the designers of the X3D standard the text discusses the X3D component-based architecture.

Visualizing Information Using SVD and X3D, January 2005, by Valdimir Geroimenko and Chaomei Chen. Discusses using SVG and X3D in generic web applications, foundations of SCG, X3D fundamentals, SVG as the visual interface to web services; X3D graphics, Java and the semantic web; distributed user interfaces, publishing paradigms for X3D, applying SVG and X3D to specific problems, using metadata-based SVG and X3D graphics in interactive TV, knowledge visualization using dynamic SVG charts, using SVG and XSLT to display visually geo-referenced XML, using Adobe Illustrator to create complex SVG illustrations and X3D-edit authoring tools for extensible 3D (X3D) graphics.

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