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Web Services Resource Center


Amazon Web Services
Amazon's Web Services and XSLT
Article: "Amazon's Web Services and XSLT," by Bob DuCharme. Discusses the XSLT processor, passing additional parameters to your AWS stylesheet, running the stylesheet and more.
Use Amazon Web Services in ASP.NET
Article: "Use Amazon Web Services in ASP.NET," by Philip Miseldine. Topics include the dos and don'ts when using Amazon Web services and getting started with Amazon Web services.
Developing an Amazon Web Service Client
Article: "Developing an Amazon Web Service Client," by Beth Stearns and Rakesh Grarishakurthi. Walks through an example application, setting up the environment, setting up Sun ONE Studio, using Sun ONE Studio to generate SOAP messages and proxy classes, writing swing components for the client and writing the proxy class to connect to the Web service.
Running the Amazon Web Services Sample Application
Article: "Running the Amazon Web Services Sample Application In NetBeans," by Brian Leonard. Topics include setting up your environment, modifying the sample application and debugging the application.
Explore Amazon Web Services with AJAX—Node Browser
Article: "Explore Amazon Web Services with AJAX—Node Browser—Day 3."
Explore Amazon Web Services with AJAX—LiveSearch
Article: "Explore Amazon Web Services with AJAX—LiveSearch—Day 1."
Explore Amazon Web Services with AJAX—Price Compar
Article: "Explore Amazon Web Services with AJAX—Price Compare —Day 2."
Exploiting Amazon Web Services via PHP and SQLite
Article: "Exploiting Amazon Web Services via PHP and SQLite," by Michael Stahnke. Discusses how the author tracked his book on Amazon using PHP, SQLite and the Amazon Web Services API.
Amazon Web Services Blog
Check out the Amazon Web services blog to catch the latest news, developments and tools.
Amazon Simple Queue Service Developer Forum
Amazon simple queue service developer forum.
Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
Use the scalable Simple Queue Service (SQS) to buffer messages between distributed application components.
Amazon S3 Developer Forum
Amazon S3 developer forum.
Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) Web Service
Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) Web service interface for storing and retrieving data on the Web. Allows developers to access fast, inexpensive, scalable data storage.
Amazon Mechanical Turk Developer Forum
Amazon mechanical turk developer forum.
Amazon Mechanical Turk Web Service
Amazon Mechanical Turk Web service allows you to incorporate superficial artificial intelligence into your applications. Use the Amazon Mechanical Turk Web service to submit tasks to the Amazon Mechanical Turk web site. People then complete the tasks and return the results that can be built into your application. People performing the research are then paid for their work. Visit the Amazon Mechanical Turk Web site to view a sample application, learn how to build your own applications and to become qualified to participate.
Amazon Historic Pricing Developer Forum
Amazon historic pricing developer forum.
Amazon Historical Pricing Web Service
Use the Amazon historical pricing Web service to access third-party sales data on Amazon for books, CDs, DVDs and videos.
Amazon E-Commerce Services Developer Forum
Amazon e-commerce services developer forum.
Amazon E-Commerce Service (ECS)
Amazon E-Commerce Service (ECS) allows you to create your own e-commerce site using product data from Amazon sites including product images, detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, prices, etc. You can also add advanced search capabilities, a remote shopping cart, an Amazon wish list search and more to your applications. Visit the to access tutorials, books, articles, code examples, success stories, technical documentation and developer tools.
Amazon Web Services
Use Amazon Web services to add product data, historical pricing information, artificial intelligence functionality, Alexa traffic rankings and more to your applications.

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