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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
JSON Specification
JSON specification.
JSON-RPC (remote procedure call) wiki includes the specification and numerous packages for implementing JSON-RPC including Python, Java, C, C#, Perl, PHP, Ruby and others.
Resources for Using JSON with Yahoo! Web Services
Resources for using JSON with Yahoo! Web services. Includes an overview of JSON and discusses getting JSON output from a Yahoo! Web services request, getting JSON output with output=json, adding a callback with callback=function, JSON versus XML and using JSON in your script or application.
Comparison of JSON to XML
Comparison of JSON to XML. Discusses several features of JSON including simplicity, extensibility, interoperability and openness.
Yahoo! group for JSON
Yahoo! group for JSON.
Introduction to JSON
Introduction to JSON. Includes resources including JSON parsers.
Wikipedia entry for JavaScript Object Notation
Wikipedia entry for JSON . (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data interchange format that supports several languages including Java, C, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, ActionScript and more. Includes an introduction to JSON and describes how it can be used. Also provides a JSON example and a comparison to XML and other markup languages.

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Update :: January 17, 2020