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SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
Tutorial: Understanding SOAP
Tutorial: "Understanding SOAP," by Aaron Skonnard. Topics include SOAP versions, messaging framework, extensibility, processing model, protocol bindings, HTTP binding, RPC and encoding and SOAP styles.
Perl ItemSearch SOAP Sample
Perl ItemSearch SOAP sample retrieves Amazon book information based on a keyword search.
gSOAP Toolkit
Download the gSOAP toolkit—a cross-platform development environment for C/C++ SOAP/XML Web services.
Apache Axis Implemenatation of SOAP
Apache Axis is an implementation of the SOAP. Check out the FAQs, wiki, news and more.
Documentation on SOAP Messages
Provides extensive documentation on SOAP messages, using SOAP with HTTP and SOAP security issues.
Tutorial: The Argument Against SOAP Encoding
Tutorial: "The Argument Against SOAP Encoding," by Tim Ewald. Discusses the evolution of SOAP and Web services and why SOAP encoding is not in the future of Web services.
Tutorial: RPC/Literal and Freedom of Choice
Tutorial: "RPC/Literal and Freedom of Choice," by Yasser Shohoud. Discusses RPC and messaging—programming models for Web services. Topics include SOAP message formats, describing SOAP message formats, converting RPC/literal to Document/literal and WS-I basic profile.
Webcast: SOAP—Service-Oriented Architecture and Pr
Webcast: "SOAP—Service-Oriented Architecture and Programming, Pt. 2," by Don Box, discusses the conjoining of software components and services.
Webcast: SOAP—Service-Oriented Architecture and Pr
Webcast: "SOAP—Service-Oriented Architecture and Programming, Pt. 1," by Don Box.
Tutorial: XML Web Services Basics
Tutorial: "XML Web Services Basics," by Roger Wolter of Microsoft. Provides an introduction to Web services and discusses SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and more.
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Primer
W3C Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Primer provides an introduction to SOAP and its features.
SOAP wiki.

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