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Web Services Resource Center
Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) is an ongoing project for developing a set of specifications that define how Web services should be published so that programmers searching for Web services can find them. Microsoft and its partners are working on this project to help programmers locate Web services that conform to certain specifications, allowing developers to find Web services through search engines similar to Yahoo! and Google. You can learn more about UDDI and view a demonstration by visiting and These sites contain search tools that make finding Web services convenient.

UDDI (Universal Data Description Integration)
UDDI Site Member Section
Email your comments on the work presented in the member section of the UDDI site at
Tutorial: XML Web Services Basics
Tutorial: "XML Web Services Basics," by Roger Wolter of Microsoft. Provides an introduction to Web services and discusses SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and more.
Tutorial: The Importance of Metadata: Reification,
Tutorial: "The Importance of Metadata: Reification, Categorization and UDDI," by Karsten Januszewski. Discusses the significance of categorization, the UDDI specification, how categorization works in the Universal Business Registry (UBR), and how categorization works in UDDI services of Windows Server 2003.
UDDI Developers Forum
Chat with other UDDI developers in the uddi-dev forum.
What's New in Enterprise UDDI Services
Article: "What's New in Enterprise UDDI Services," describes the new features and the benefits of each.
UDDI Browser
UDDI browser.
OASIS UDDI site includes news, forums, whitepapers, FAQs and more.
OASIS UDDI Specification
Download the OASIS UDDI specification and related documents.
Universal Description, Discovery Integration (UDDI
Universal Description, Discovery Integration (UDDI) wiki includes an introduction to UDDI.

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