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Web Services Resource Center


Web Services Help: Forums, Discussion Groups and Newsgroups
UDDI Member Section
Email your comments on the work presented in the member section of the site at
Alexa Web Information Developer Forum
Alexa Web information developer forum.
Java Developers Group for J2EE Technologies
Yahoo! group for Java developers discusses J2EE technologies, Web services and more.
Semantic Web Services Discussion Group
W3C semantic Web services discussion group.
Yahoo! Group for UDDI Developers
Yahoo! group for UDDI developers.
SOAP Developers Discussion Group
Discussion group for developers implementing SOAP.
Microsoft's Mappoint Web Services Newsgroup
Microsoft's Mappoint Web services newsgroup.
Microsoft Developer Newsgroup for Web Services Enh
Microsoft developer newsgroup discusses Web services enhancements.
Microsoft Developer Newsgroup for Web Services wit
Microsoft developer newsgroup discusses Web services with ASP.NET and consuming Web services in .NET Framework applications.
Alexa Web Search Platform Developer Forum
Alexa Web search platform developer forum.
Alexa Top Sites Developer Forum
Alexa top sites developer forum.
Amazon Simple Queue Service Developer Forum
Amazon simple queue service developer forum.
Amazon S3 Developer Forum
Amazon S3 developer forum.
Amazon Mechanical Turk Developer Forum
Amazon mechanical turk developer forum.
Amazon Historic Pricing Developer Forum
Amazon historic pricing developer forum.
Amazon e-Commerce Services Developer Forum
Amazon e-commerce services developer forum.
UDDI Developers Forum
Chat with other UDDI developers in the uddi-dev forum.
Oracle's Web Services Discussion Forum
Oracle's Web services discussion forum.
Microsoft's XML Web Services Forum
Microsoft's XML Web services forum discusses building XML Web services with ASP.NET, SOAP and more.
Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP) Forum
Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP) forum discusses the implementation of the JWSDP.
Java Technologies for Web Services Forum
Java technologies for Web services forum discusses JAX-RPC, JAXR, JAXM and related APIs.
Web Services Discussion Forum
Web services discussion forum.
XML and Web Services Discussion Forum
XML and Web services discussion forum.
ASP.NET Web Services and XML Serialization Forum
ASP.NET Web services and XML serialization forum.
Python Web Services Developer Forum
Python Web services developer forum.
Middleware and Web Services Technical Forum
Middleware and Web services technical forum.
Business Processes with BPEL4WS Forum
Business processes with BPEL4WS forum.
Best Practices for SOA and Web Services Forum
Best Practices for SOA and Web Services forum.

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