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Web Services Resource Center


Yahoo! Web Services
Reference Manual for the Yahoo! Maps Flash APIs
Reference Manual: "Reference Manual for the Yahoo! Maps Flash APIs." Defines the JavaScript™-Flash API, the ActionScript®-Flash API and the Flex™ API.
Yahoo! Maps AJAX API Reference Manual
Reference Manual: "Yahoo! Maps AJAX API Reference Manual."
Tutorial: YME for Developers
Tutorial: "YME for Developers," helps developers get started with the Yahoo! Music Engine. Topics include getting started with JavaScript and the YME (Yahoo! Music Engine), how to translate the SDK functions into JavaScript, examples of common tasks, accessing the media database, building and playing a play list, using the YME datagrid, capturing the search event, the YME JavaScript library file and how to add a registry key.
Tutorial: Yahoo! Maps AJAX API—Getting Started Gui
Tutorial: "Yahoo! Maps AJAX API—Getting Started Guide ," teaches the fundamentals of the Yahoo! Maps AJAX API. Learn how to use AJAX to display a Yahoo! Map, place a marker on a Yahoo! Map, add tools to a Yahoo! Map, draw a map by address, overlay GeoRSS XML data and more.
Tutorial: Yahoo! Maps JS-Flash API—Getting Started
Tutorial: "Yahoo! Maps JS-Flash API—Getting Started Guide," teaches the fundamentals of the Yahoo! Maps JS-Flash API. Learn how to use JavaScript and Flash to display a Yahoo! Map, place a marker on a Yahoo! Map, add an overlay to a Yahoo! Map, Add widgets and tools to a Yahoo! Map and more.
Tutorial: HOWTO: Make Yahoo! Web Service REST Call
Tutorial: "HOWTO: Make Yahoo! Web Service REST Calls with JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest," shows you how the technology works, how to formulate a request, how to create the XMLHttpRequest Object and make the request, create a callback and parse the result.
Tutorial: HOWTO: Use a Web Proxy for Cross-Domain
Tutorial: "HOWTO: Use a Web Proxy for Cross-Domain XMLHttpRequest Calls," discusses the XMLHttpRequest object (the object created by Microsoft for AJAX), and how to relay network requests from your Web server to Yahoo! Web services using a Web proxy.
Example of a PHP Proxy
Example of a PHP proxy for Yahoo! Web services.
Yahoo! Travel Web Services
Use the Yahoo! Travel Web services to add travel planning functionality to your applications including hotel reviews, airfare finders, location information and more.
Yahoo! Search Web Services
Use Yahoo! Search Web Services to add Yahoo content and services to your applications. Check out the sample applications and mashups in the Search Application Gallery.
Yahoo! Traffic Web Services
Use the Yahoo! Traffic Web services to get real-time traffic alerts. Get customized information (e.g., address, latitude-longitude, map images, etc.) using the Traffic REST API.
Yahoo! Maps Web Services
Use the Yahoo! Maps Web services to add maps and location information to your applications, such as traffic patterns, driving directions and more. Use the to easily display your geographical content. Use the to to create richer applications with Macromedia Flash technology. The allows you to add maps to your applications using DHTML and Javascript. Social Bookmarking Site is a social bookmarking site. Use the API (currently in beta) to check when a user posts an item, to list and rename tags, get lists of recent posts and more.
Yahoo! Shopping APIs
Use the Yahoo! Shopping APIs to syndicate the Yahoo! Shopping content and earn revenue through your site. Use the to search for products on Yahoo! Shopping. Use the to display price comparisons, product information and more from multiple Yahoo! Shopping merchants. Use the in your application to get product information by the Catalog ID. Use the Merchant Search Web service to get information about one or more Yahoo! Shopping merchants using merchant IDs. Finally, you can add the capabilities to display user product reviews.
Yahoo! Developer Network Site
Yahoo! Developer Network site has links to the Yahoo! APIs including Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner and more.

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