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XHTML Jobs from Jobster
Job listings: Current XHTML jobs posted on Jobster. For each job listed there is a brief description (e.g., web designer, developer), the company who placed the listing, its location (city and state) and how long the job has been posted. When a job is selected, an information screen appears that allows you to attach a resume and write a cover letter.
XHTML Jobs from
Job listings: Current XHTML jobs posted at For each job there is a brief description, the name and location of the company that posted the job, and the date the job was posted. When a job is selected, additional information is presented, including a job summary, job responsibilities, required skills, needed experience, education, location of the job, whether the job is full- or part-time or contract (in which case a time frame is given).

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Update :: January 23, 2020