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XHTML Resource Center

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“History of XHTML Mobile Profile”
Article: “History of XHTML Mobile Profile,” by Luca Passani. Discusses HTML and the advent of WAP 1.x and WML (Wireless Markup Language), a history of wireless markup languages, WML 1.x, HTML to XHTML mobile profile, XHTML 1.0, Compact HTML (cHTML), XHTML MP (mobile profile) syntax, XHTML MP MIME media type, XHTML-MP requirement, XHTML MP document type definition (DTD), families of tags, cascading style sheets (CSS), and WML 2.0.
“XHTML MP (Mobile Profile) Introduction”
Tutorial: “XHTML MP (Mobile Profile) Introduction,” from Developers’ Home. Discusses the development of wireless markup languages, advantages of XHTML MP, syntax rules, mime types, file extensions, document structure, generic metadata, comments, line breaking, horizontal rules, headings, font styles, preformatted text, lists, tables, images, anchor links, selection lists, input elements, and submitting form data to the server.
“Developing Wireless Content Using XHTML Mobile”
Article: “Developing Wireless Content Using XHTML Mobile,” by Jean-Luc David. Discusses setting a mobile development environment, authoring tools, device emulators and simulators, wireless cascading style sheets, selecting a MIME type, handling different implementations and vendor-specific features, using WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource File), an XML configuration file, and PHP to detect mobile  devices, outputting device specific code using XSLT (Extensible Style sheet Language Transformation), and debugging your XHTML mobile profile site.
“XHTML Mobile Profile”
“XHTML Mobile Profile,” from the Open Mobile Alliance. Discusses terminology and conventions, the XHTML Mobile Profile Document Type, use of the XHTML mobile profile, conformance, use of style sheets with the XHTML mobile profile, adding style to XHTML mobile profile documents. External style sheets, internal style sheets and inline style sheets.
WAP 2.0 Conformance Release
The WAP 2.0 conformance release from the Open Mobile Alliance. The chart lists the function and its specification (links are provided to each specification). Topics include architecture, client ID, client provisioning, External Functional Interface (EFI), general formats, multimedia messaging service (MMS), persistence, pictogram, push, synchronization, user agent profile (UAProf), wireless application environment, wireless protocols, wireless security, and the wireless telephony application (WTA). 

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