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XHTML Resource Center

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“HTML and XHTML Fundamentals”
Sample chapter: “HTML and XHTML Fundamentals,” from HTML and XHTML Pocket Reference, 3rd ed., by Jennifer Niederst Robbins (May 2006). Discusses how XHTML differs from HTML; three versions of (X)HTML including strict DTD (document type definition), transitional DTD, and Frameset DTD; minimal document structure, and DOCTYPEs for available DTDs.
“HTML: Quick Start”
Sample chapter: “HTML: Quick Start,” from HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, 6th ed., by Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy (October 2006). Discusses writing tools, a first HTML document, embedded tags, start and end tags, HTML skeleton, XHTML documents, comments, text, multimedia, appearance of text, content-based text styles, physical styles, special text characters, text structures, divisions, paragraphs, line breaks, headings, horizontal rules, preformatted text, hyperlinks, URLs, anchors, hyperlink names, navigation, inline images, image maps, unordered lists, ordered lists, definition lists, searchable documents and forms, tables, frames, style sheets, and JavaScript.
“Getting Started with CSS: Adding a Little Style”
Sample chapter: “Getting Started with CSS: Adding a Little Style,” from Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML, by Eric Freeman and Elizabeth Freeman. Discusses using CSS with XHTML, getting CSS into XHTML, adding style, styling a heading, line insertion, adding elements, selectors, linking, inheritance, overriding inheritance, adding a class, creating a sector, a guide to how styles are applied, and validation.
Sample chapter: “HTML Building Blocks,” from HTML, XHTML, and CSS, 6th ed., by Elizabeth Castro (August 2006). Discusses writing HTML, HTML tags, attributes, values, quotation marks, upper- and lower-case letters, nesting tags, spacing, tags with automatic line breaks, special symbols, file names and extensions.

Sample chapter: “Semantic Structure, Dirty Pretty Presentation,” from Web Standards Creativity: Innovations in Web Design with XHTML, CSS and DOM Scripting, by Andy Budd, Andy Clarke, Ian Lloyd, Cameron Adams, Rob Weychert, Ethan Marcotte, Dan Rubin, Jeff Croft, Mark Boulton, Simon Collison, and Derek Featherstone (March 2007). Discusses semantic structure.

Sample chapter: “HTML and XHTML Basics,” from HTML and XHTML Step by Step, by Faithe Wempen (February 2006). Discusses how HTML works, XHTML, how cascading style sheets work, and selecting a tool for creating web pages.

Sample chapter: “What’s It All About?” from Sams Teach Yourself HTML in 10 Minutes, 4th ed., by Deidre Hayes. Discusses what the Internet is, what HTML is, what XHTML is, how HTML and XHTML work, using web browsers, and getting connected.

Sample chapter: “Introduction to HTML and XHTML,” from HTML and XHTML: The Complete Reference, by Thomas Powell (August 2003). Discusses a first look at HTML, empty elements, unclosed tags, attributes, basic rules for HTML tags, and common elements found in HTML documents.

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