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XHTML Resource Center

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“Learn XHTML”
Tutorial: “Learn XHTML,” from TopXML. Discusses working with XHTML, XHTML links, an introduction to tables, the basics of XHTML, XHTML syntax, anchors, differences between HTML and XHTML, tables, table structure, the basic XHTML document, the DTD (Document Type Definition),
“XHTML Forms”
Tutorial: “XHTML Forms,” from Discusses the form tag, attributes of the form tag (name and action), the input tag, attributes of the input tag (type, name, and value), the option tag, the select tag, the Optgroup tag, the button tag, the label tag, the TextArea tag, tables, frames, style sheets, benefits of style sheets, style sheet rules, external style sheets, internal style sheets, inline tags, link tag, style tag, JavaScript, and advanced tags (meta tags).
“XHTML Explained”
Tutorial: “XHTML Explained,” by Ross Shannon. Discusses the history of HTML, CSS code, what XHTML is, tags, attributes, the benefits of XHTML, XHTML coding, logical structure, the XML declaration, meta tags, XHTML DTDs, the W3C validator, the modular properties of XHTML, and XHTML coding practices (use of lowercase, closed tags, using quotations, links, images and ampersands in URLs).
“How to Code HTML Email Newsletters”
“How to Code HTML Email Newsletters,” by Tim Salvin. Discusses using HTML tables for layout, adding CSS styles, adopting best practices, and coding for Google Mail and Lotus Notes.

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Update :: January 23, 2020