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XHTML Resource Center

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“Designing Standards-Based Websites with...”
Webcast: “Designing Standards-Based Websites with Microsoft Expression Web,” from Microsoft. Introduces the Expression Web tool—enables designers to collaborate with developers to build standards-based websites. Standards supported include CSS, XSL, XML, XHTML and Microsoft ASP.NET.
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Webcast tutorial: “Microsoft Expression Web,” from ZDNet. Discusses how to use Microsoft Expression Web for designing, developing and maintaining standards-based websites; the basic elements of the integrated development environment, features (including CSS, XHTML, full schema support, standards validation and accessibility checking) and how to create small web applications.
XHTML Videos on YouTube
Videos: A listing of the XHTML-related videos on YouTube. The Videos of the Week (Vol. 11)—XHTML from Harvard University explains what XHTML is, and discuses DTDs, elements (e.g., headers and body text), what tags are, how to write a tag, what links are, how to write a link, attributes, start and end tags and validating a web page. Additional topics include how to mark-up web pages with XHTML 2, XHTML and VoiceXML, and samples of web pages done with XHTML.

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Update :: January 23, 2020