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XML Programming Resource Center

Open Standards vs. Proprietary Standards
Podcast: "ODF, MOX and the Definition of Open Standards," by Kurt Cagle and Mark Peterson. Discusses open standards versus proprietary standards in the Massachusetts Open Standards Requirements case.
Data Integration and SOA
Podcast: "Business-to-Business Data Integration in a SOA World Presentation," discusses data integration and SOA, data integration using XML standards for data aggregation and transformation, XQuery (tool for aggregating XML with relational data sources, legacy data course and Web services) and more.
Office XML Formats
Podcast: "Office XML Formats," by Brian Jones, discusses the XML functionality in Microsoft Office.
AJAX Series
Subscribe to this series of AJAX podcasts.
Submit Your XML Podcast to Apple iTunes
Learn how to create and submit your own XML podcasts on Apple iTunes. Topics include submission information, examples feeds, RSS tags, common mistakes and a list of categories for podcasting.

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