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XML Programming Resource Center

XHTML and XForms
Introduction to XHTML
Article: "Introduction to XHTML: Document Type Definitions," by Alan Richmond. Discusses the differences between the three XHTML DTDs.
W3C's Validating Tool for XHTML Pages
W3C's validating tool that can validate XHTML pages.
Blog: Why XForms Matter
Blog entry: "Why XForms Matter: Revisited," by Kurt Cagle. Discusses the XForms extension in Mozilla Firefox and why XForms are even more significant than recent developments in AJAX.
Blog: Understanding XForms
Blog entry: "Understanding XForms: The Model," by Kurt Cagle. Discusses XForms implementation in Mozilla Firefox.
XHTML Resources
Resource site for XHTML users.
W3C's XForms Information Site
The W3C's XForms information site.
W3C's Draft Version of the XForm Data-Model Defini
The W3C's draft version of the XForm data-model definition. It contains detailed recommendations and comments on XForm technology design and implementation.
W3C's Recommendation Document for XHTML
The W3C's recommendation document for XHTML. The document covers use of the language and provides links to the three XHTML DTDs.
XHTML Tutorial
XHTML tutorial.

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