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XML Programming Resource Center

XSL: Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT)
XSLT blog.
XSL Mailing List
XSL mailing list.
Hands-On XSL Tutorial
Tutorial: "Hands-On XSL," by Don Day.
XSL Concepts and Practical Use Tutorial
Tutorial: "XSL Concepts and Practical Use," by Paul Grosso.
Using XSLT and .NET to Manipulate XML Files
Article: "Using XSLT and .NET to Manipulate XML Files," by Cynthia Carolina.
Building an XSL Transform Tool
Article: "Building an XSL Transform Tool," by Michael K. Campbell. Code for the article is available in C# and Visual Basic. Includes discussion regarding the article.
Implementation of XSLT in Java
Home page for XT, an implementation of XSLT in Java.
W3C XSLT 2.0 Recommendation
W3C XSLT 2.0 Recommendation. Documentation topics include concepts, stylesheet structure, simplified stylesheet modules, the data model, features of XSLT, patterns, attribute value templates, sequence constructors, template rules, repetition, conditional processing, variables and parameters, callable components, creating nodes and sequences, numbering, sorting, grouping, regular expressions, additional functions, serialization and more.
W3C XSL Specification
W3C XSL specification.
W3C XSL Information
W3C site provides information on XSL, including XSL development, learning XSL, XSL-enabled tools, the XSL specification, FAQs and XSL history.
XSL Tutorial
XSL tutorial. Topics include XSLT languages, browsers, XSLT transform, XSLT