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Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Resource Center

Apache Software Foundation (ASF)
Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Site
Apache Software Foundation (ASF) site. The ASF is a community of developers that supports open source software projects characterized by collaborative development, open licenses, and high quality applications. Visit this site for the latest ASF news and developments.
Apache Software Foundation FAQ.
Apache Software Foundation licenses.
Apache Projects
Check out the latest list of Apache projects.
Membership Information
Membership information and a list of the current members.
Apache Software Foundation Bylaws
Bylaws for the Apache Software Foundation.
Community Projects
Learn about the projects under development by members of the community.
Contribute to Apache Software Foundation Projects
Learn how you can contribute to the Apache Software Foundation's projects.
Apache Software Foundation News
Keep track of the latest news about ASF. You can sign up for mailing lists, read the latest news releases, receive conference announcements and join a discussion mailing list.
Apache Software Foundation: How It Works
Learn what the Apache Software Foundation is, how it works, its history, its structure, project management committees, members, developers, the project management collaboration, documentation, its infrastructure, and other foundation information.
Apache Software Foundation Glossary
A glossary of terms and their meanings used on the Apache Software Foundation's site.
Apache Software Foundation Projects
Developers will find sources of information about the Apache Software Foundation and its projects.
The Apache Software License
The Apache Software License.
Apache News Online
Apache News Online is a complete list of all articles. The list includes the date the article was published and the article's topic.
Apache Software Foundation and Its Future
Greg Stein, Chairman of ASF, discusses what the the ASF is, how projects are added, Jakarta, XMLBeans, and the foundation's future.

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Update :: January 23, 2020