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Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Resource Center

Apache Software Foundation Projects
Apache Web Services
Check out the Apache Web Services projects.
List of Apache Projects
Check out the latest list of Apache projects.
Apache HTTP Server Project
Apache HTTP Server Project is designed to maintain an open-source, secure and efficient HTTP server for operating systems including UNIX and Windows NT. Site includes license information, downloads, FAQ, documentation, mailing lists, bug reports, subproject's, support information and more.
Apache HTTP Server 2.0
Apache HTTP Server 2.0 documentation. Includes release notes, a reference manual, User's Guide, tutorials, a FAQ and more.
Apache XML Project
Learn more about the Apache XML Project and its subproject's.
Apache Jakarta
Apache Jakarta is an assortment of open source Java projects. Site includes numerous subproject's, FAQ, a wiki, downloads, a mailing list, a bug database and more.
Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor)
Apache FOP (formatting objects processor) Project.
Apache Ant
Apache Ant is a Java-based build tool that, unlike other build tools, is extended using Java classes. Site includes downloads, documentation, a wiki, FAQ, mailing lists, bug reports, resources and more.
Apache Portable Runtime (APR)
Apache Portable Runtime (APR) project is an API designed to create and maintain software libraries that work consistently across multiple platforms. Site includes downloads, documentation, guidelines, security reports and more.
Apache Beehive
Apache Beehive makes helps to simplify J2EE programming. Features include NetUI, controls and Web Service Metadata (WSM). Site includes a wiki, downloads, mailing list, documentation and more.
Apache Cocoon Web Development Framework
Check out the Apache Cocoon web development framework. Site includes projects, documentation, community resources and more.
Apache DB
Check out the Apache DB project—a free, open-source, commercial-grade database.
Apache Directory Server
 Learn more about the Apache Directory Server—an enterprise directory server platform.
Apache Forrest Publishing Framework
The Apache Forrest publishing framework takes data from multiple sources and converts it into a unified output format.
Apache Geronimo J2EE Server
Apache Geronimo J2EE server project. Site includes downloads, FAQ, a wiki, mailing lists, community links, documentation, bug reports, development information, subproject's and more.
mod_perl allows you to use the Perl programming language to manage the Apache HTTP server. Site includes downloads, documentation, mailing lists, bug reports, products, subprojects, help and more.
Apache Tomcat Servlet Container
The Apache Tomcat servlet container is used in Java Servlet and JavaServer technologies. Visit this page to learn more about Apache Tomcat, how you can get involved in the development process, and chat with others in the community. Site also includes downloads, mailing lists, FAQ, a wiki and more.
Apache MyFaces
Apache MyFaces is a free, open source implementation of JavaServer Faces. Site includes downloads, documentation, a wiki, instructions for getting started and more.
Apache Open Source Spam Filter
Check out this Apache open source spam filter.
Learn How to Use Apache Portals
Learn how to use Apache Portals for web application delivery. Site includes downloads, a wiki, FAQ, subprojects, developer resources and more.

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Update :: January 23, 2020