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Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Resource Center

Getting Help: Apache Forums, Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
Apache HTTP Server Configuration Forum
Google Group discusses Apache HTTP server configuration issues.
Apache Tomcat Group
Apache Tomcat group.
Apache, PHP, MySQL and Java Group
Apache, PHP, MySQL and Java group.
Apache Security Tips Group
Apache security tips group.
Apache, PHP and Windows Group
Apache, PHP and Windows group.
Apache Users Group
Apache users group.
Apache Jakarta and Tomcat, and JSP/Servlets Forum
 Yahoo! Group discusses Apache Jakarta and Tomcat, and JSP/Servlets.
Apache Software Foundation Mailing Lists
Learn more about the mailing lists offered through the Apache Software Foundation.
Apache News and Announcements
Apache news and announcements mailing list.
Apache Conference Announcements
Learn about upcoming conferences in the Apache conference announcements mailing list.
Apache Community Mailing List
Communicate with other Apache developers in the Apache community mailing list.
Apache Forums on Dev Shed
Apache forums on Dev Shed.
Apache Forum at Webforums
Apache forum at Webforums.
Apache Forum RSS feeds
This Apache forum is a source for daily RSS feeds.
Apache Newbies Forum
Forum for Apache newbies.
Apache Server Administration Forum
This Apache forum discusses server administration topics.

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