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Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Resource Center

Third-Party Apache Modules
Apache Compile HOWTO
Apache Compile HOWTO provides instructions and examples for compiling several modules.
Apache::Admin::Config is an object oriented interface for reading and writing configuration files without affecting comments, indentation, or truncated lines. Site includes downloads, documentation and bug reports.
Use the Apache::MiniWiki module to create a simple wiki for Apache. Check out the site for a list of features, the bug reports, downloads, installation instructions, sample sites using the module and more.
Use the mod_haydn Apache module to embed MSIL into Apache so you can access the Apache APIs using Microsoft CLR/.NET languages. Site includes downloads, documentation, bug reports and a mailing list.
Use the Apache::Motd module to add Message-of-the-Day functionality to the server.
Apache::AuthSympa Perl
Apache::AuthSympa Perl modules can be used with the mailing list Sympa robots as an authentication and authorization engine.
Snare for Apache Web Servers
Snare for Apache web servers allows you to distribute remotely Apache web server logs.
Apache::Wombat is used to embed the Wombat servlet engine in an Apache server. Site includes installation instructions and API documentation.

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Update :: January 23, 2020