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DotNetNuke (DNN) Resource Center


DotNetNuke Articles
“XHTML and Best Practice Coding for Skins and..."
Article: “XHTML and Best Practice Coding for Skins and Module in DotNetNuke,” by Lee Sykes, editor for DNN Creative Magazine. Discusses XHTML and why it is important to create XHTML compliant code. Includes sections on how XHTML affects DotNetNuke and why module developers should adhere to XHTML standards.
“DotNetNuke Outstanding Issue Stats..."
Blog Entry: “DotNetNuke Outstanding Issue Stats for the 4.6.0 Release,” by Alex Shirley of DotNetNuke Corporation. Discusses Gemini, the bug tracker software in DotNetNuke. Includes statistics of any outstanding issues in DotNetNuke v 4.6.0. Provides a table with the type of issue—bugs, tasks, enhancements and new features—and the number of issues in each category.
"Create Your First DotNetNuke Skin with Dream..."
Article: "Create Your First DotNetNuke Skin with Dreamweaver," by Vasilis Terzopoulos. Discusses skin folders, skin.ascx from a static HTML page, skin.css and skin.ascx page cleanup, DotNetNuke skin objects and the Dreamweaver extension, overriding the default DotnetNuke CSS styles, common.ascx and container.css and uploading your skin.
"Use Visual Web Developer Express (VWD)..."
Article: "Use Visual Web Developer Express (VWD) with DotNetNuke!" by Charles Stratton. Discusses creating a user control, and creating the user control folder.
"Shared Source Leads to Internationally..."
Article: "Shared Source Leads to Internationally Successful DotNetNuke Open Source Project," from Microsoft Corporation. Discusses commercial opportunities from shared source code, rich rapid development based in ASP.NET and Microsoft. Includes information about the Microsoft shared source initiative.
“DotNetNuke CSS Hierarchy and Default Styles”
Article: "DotNetNuke CSS Hierarchy and Default Styles," by Vasilis Terzopoulos. Discusses important default CSS classes, and styling the solpart menu.
“How to Make Money from Your DotNetNuke Website”
Article: “How to Make Money from Your DotNetNuke Website,” by Lee Sykes, editor for DNN Creative Magazine. Discusses ways to monetize your DotNetNuke website using available default modules.
“Software Piracy–A small Business Epidemic”
Article: “Software Piracy–A Small Business Epidemic,” by Kim Lloyd. Discusses software piraters distributing illegal content and the effect it has on potential software revenue. Includes information on DotNetNuke modules’ host-wide license and other copyright issues and software.

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