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DotNetNuke (DNN) Resource Center


DotNetNuke Blogging Module
“Blogging—What is a Blog?"
Article: “Blogging—What is a Blog?” by Lee Sykes of DNN Creative Magazine. Defines what a blog is and discusses blogs and marketing, areas to blog about, blog categories, RSS feeds and syndication. Includes blog examples.
“How to Improve a DotNetNuke Module..."
Article: “How to Improve a DotNetNuke Module (The Blog Module),” by Oleg Zhukov of DNN Creative Magazine. Shows how to make changes to DotNetNuke modules in the context of a DotNetNuke blog module. Discusses the module’s structure, removing parts of the module, rearranging existing controls and adding content to a module.
“Blog Promotion—‘Blog and Ping’ What is it Anyway?
Article: “Blog Promotion—‘Blog and Ping’ What is it Anyway?” by Lee Sykes of DNN Creative Magazine. Discusses what to do once you have created your blog. Includes RSS/blog directories and provides guidelines for submitting your feed. Provides sample code for an RSS feed. Also lists popular blog directories including, Tecnorati, Icerocket and Blogdigger.
“The 7–Step RSS Marketing Plan”
Article: “The 7–Step RSS Marketing Plan,” by Rok Hrastnik of DNN Creative Magazine. Includes a basic 7–step plan to help you understand and implement RSS marketing. The steps include using RSS as an end-user, plan your RSS feeds, create a list of RSS marketing/publishing requirements, choose an RSS publishing tool and create your first feed, promote your RSS feeds through your own channels, promote your RSS feeds through external channels and other key RSS activities.
Blog Modules for DotNetNuke
Tutorial: “Blog Module DotNetNuke 4.4,” by Lee Sykes of DNN Creative Magazine. Discusses the blog module and its five separate modules (components) including blog search, blog list, blog posts, blog archive and new blog. Takes you through the configuration options for the five separate modules within the blog module. Demonstrates the setup of the module. Includes 8 video tutorials (82 minutes total) “Introduction, Installation and Setting the Correct Permissions;” “Creating a Blog, Configuring, Creating a Post;“ “Creating Multiple User Blogs and Child Blogs;” “Adding and Viewing Posts and Working with Comments;” “RSS Feeds and Syndication;” “Blog Configuration Options;” and two videos on “Applying the Blog Module Configuration Options to a Real World Example."
DotNetNuke and Blogging
Tutorial: “DotNetNuke and Blogging,” by DNN Creative Magazine. Describes and illustrates how to use the configuration options available in the DotNetNuke blog module. Includes tutorials and articles about blog content and how to promote your blog.

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