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DotNetNuke (DNN) Resource Center


DotNetNuke Modules and Skins
DNN Creative Module Directory
List of modules. Includes free modules, premium modules, articles, news and announcements, content management modules, ecommerce modules, Google modules, image and gallery modules, promotion modules and RSS modules. For premium modules, you are directed to Snowcovered for purchase.
Build Your Own DotNetNuke Portal is a free Web 2.0 Ajax-enabled portal builder system for building websites. Includes more than 150 modules (forums, blogs, help desk and more), more than 50 skins, existing templates and support for over 30 languages. hosts, upgrades, installs, maintains and helps design portals, while allowing you to use your own domain name. Offers premium plans if you need to upgrade.
DotNetNuke Skin
Check out this site for extensive lists of skins, containers and customized packs. Provides you with a preview of the skins or containers including a sample image, its capabilities, color options, price and a link to Snowcovered to purchase. Pre-packaged DotNetNuke skins are easy to customize.
DotNetNuke Module Development
Resources for DotNetNuke module developers and a marketplace of free and commercial modules. Check out the DotNetNuke portal project—an open source portal that focuses on plug-in module development for DotNetNuke. Site includes articles, modules (with source code), and a Database Access Layer (DAL) source code generator. The free Database Access Layer (DAL) builder can produce Visual C# or Visual Basic DotNetNuke modules. Provides a list of free and commercial DotNetNuke Skins available for download.
Check out the DotNetNuke resources including free and premium skins, tools, articles, DotNetNuke tips, tutorials, links and more. Provides custom, premium and free skins; DotNetNuke consulting; the blog, forums, newsletters, linkrolls and additional resources.
DotNetNuke Skinning Toolkit
Provides you with DotNetNuke skin items, organized by CSS classes, for you to style yourself. Includes DotNetNuke skinning articles that will help you understand using CSS classes with your DotNetNuke skins. Learn how to style an element of a DotNetNuke skin.Includes a link to additional skinning resources, including DotNetNuke documentation, tools (e.g., color section tools and web developers toolbars), and DotNetNuke tutorials from DNN Creative Magazine.
Nuke Designers is a graphic design company that specializes in creating skins for DotNetNuke websites. Services include customize skins, converting table skins and container designs into valid XHTML/CSS, designing websites, and template application development. Links to blogs and tutorials that offer articles, updates, tutorials and support on installing and using Nuke Designs skins, containers and templates.
Ethuongmai – Customized Module Development
Offers customized module development, forums, a products marketplace, the latest news, content sharing modules, WebMail Pro modules, enterprise forms modules and more. Provides content sharing, WebMail Pro and enterprise forms demos.—DotNetNuke Skins and Designs
Includes custom skins and free DotNetNuke skins. Provides a showcase gallery for professional skin developers, skinning forums, and information on skin licensing.
Module Reviews
Check out this resource to help you better understand modules. Includes articles, reviews, links and tutorials. Find information on how to use modules, what modules are free and more.
The largest DotNetNuke online store. Offers DotNetNuke modules and skins. For more information, see the Snowcovered section in the DotNetNuke ResourceCenter.
DNN Gear
Provides DotNetNuke resources including news, articles, forums, a feedback center, bookmarking and more. Offers free and premium modules and skins. Keeps you up-to-date on the latest modules and skins. Provides services for skin designers and module developers to sell their products.
Third-Party Modules
Find third-party DotNetNuke modules and skins.
Wiki Module
DotNetNuke wiki module built with ASP.NET and Visual Basic .NET.
NUKEleus is a DotNetNuke installation application.
Download the ASP.NET and C#-based SharpNuke.NET content management system.
DNN Content Builder
Download the DNN Content Builder content management system. Features include workflow, metadata, forms and templates.
Visual DNN Admin
Download the AJAX-based Visual DNN Admin to help manage your DotNetNuke site.
VSSWebXtra Module
VSSWebXtra module for accessing Visual Source Safe in a DotNetNuke portal.
Image Gallery Module
DotNetNuke image gallery module.
Free DNN Software
Free software for DotNetNuke including the FCKEditor for DotNetNuke 3 and 4; DSLocializator for localizing properties of tabs, modules and portal settings, and helps to optimize your web site; MMLinks that combines links modules with text/HTML that supports localized content; MMSecureLogin that allows you to add security to your site; and MMStore that allows you to add e-commerce to your site.
Mapping Module
Mapping module for DotNetNuke enables users to incorporate Google Maps into their web pages. This is a for sale item available at

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Update :: January 23, 2020