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DotNetNuke (DNN) Resource Center


DotNetNuke Resources
Check out the DotNetNuke resources including free and premium skins, tools, articles, DotNetNuke tips, tutorials, links and more. Provides custom, premium and free skins; DotNetNuke consulting; the blog, forums, newsletters, linkrolls and additional resources.
DNN Creative Magazine
DNN Creative Magazine provides news, reviews, tutorials and reports on events in the DotNetNuke community. Topics covered include skinning, module development, administrator resources, installations, upgrades, page templates, interviews, security, RSS and more. Includes a module directory with free and premium modules and links to Snowcovered’s 10 most popular modules. For more information, see the DNN Creative Magazine section in the DotNetNuke ResourceCenter.
Nuke Notes Social Bookmarking
A DotNetNuke social bookmarking site that allows you to submit, share and view other people’s bookmarks. Must register to be a member. To submit your bookmarks, you mist provide the URL of the website, a title and a description. Website categories include articles, design, modules, news, flash, DotNetNuke, tutorials, portfolio, galleries, directories, games, music, blogs, color, designers, marketing, forums, CSS and more. List the most recently added and the 20 must popular/viewed category.
Includes DotNetNuke articles and lists free DotNetNuke modules. Provides resources for creating DotNetNuke modules, DotNetNuke enhancements, DotNetNuke security and more.
Directory of resources including a list of modules and links to other applications, hosting information, books, community resources, software and server resources, tutorials and more.
DotNetNuke homepage provides a variety of resources including module and skin directories, tutorials, blogs, forums, the DotNetNuke project, updates, articles, news, links to the DotNetNuke Open Force conferences and more.
DNN Gear
Provides DotNetNuke resources including news, articles, forums, a feedback center, bookmarking and more. Offers free and premium modules and skins. Keeps you up-to-date on the latest modules and skins. Provides services for skin designers and module developers to sell their products.
Software for Business Users
Modules and skins for business-oriented websites. Includes a demo site of modules and links to module listings, software downloads and free modules and skins. You can purchase their modules and skins through
Plug-ins for DotNetNuke
Provides a selection of free DotNetNuke modules and trial versions of their modules (registration required). Products and modules include index, event management, user profiles, webcam, user groups, referrals, custom DotNetNuke web controls for developers and more. The Smart-thinker blog discusses DotNetNuke issues. Visit the FAQ and forums for customer support. Links to a DotNetNuke directory that lists resources including modules, skins, tutorials, help and more.
DotNetNuke Resources
DotNetNuke resources including skins, tools, tutorials, tips, links and more. Provides free, premium and custom skins. Offers services including website design and development; graphic, logo and banner design; flash animation; custom DNN skinning; DotNetNuke consulting; and services for designers to sell their skins.
DNN Sites
Check out the showcase of web sites built with DotNetNuke.
DNN Developer's Toolbox
DotNetNuke developer's tool box.
DotNetNuke FAQ.
DNN Resource Directory
DotNetNuke resource directory. Find third-party DotNetNuke products and services. Categories include hosting, technical writing, training and support, module design, graphic/web design, independent software vendors, systems integration, marketing and translation.
Download DNN
Download the latest version of DotNetNuke.
DNN Help Documentation
DotNetNuke help documentation. Find an introductions to DotNetNuke, the benefits of using DotNetNuke, using site access levels, the administrator role, the content editor role, the host role, and the page editor role. Learn how to work with web pages in DotNetNuke. Find introductions to the Pages page, adding a page to a site, copying pages, editing module content on a current page, editing page settings of a visible page, editing page settings of a hidden page, viewing any page, deleting a page, moving the page location in a menu, and submitting a page to Google. Learn more about DotNetNuke modules including module insertion tools, adding a new module and adding an existing module to a new page. Learn about the DotNetNuke module menu options, including an introduction to the module menu, import content, export content, creating syndicated module content (RSS feeds), basic module help, online help, printing of module content, module settings, deleting a module, and moving a module within a page. Learn more about common tools including the calendar, link type tool and the rich text editor. Find information about the admin pages including site settings, pages, security roles, user accounts, host tools, vendors, site logs, newsletters, the file manager, the recycle bin, log viewer, skins, languages and authentication. Includes additional topics and references.
Purchase a copy of the DNNGuide.
DNN Developers Forum
Chat with other DotNetNuke developers in the forums.
DNN Module Repository
DotNetNuke module repository. Search for non-core, third-party modules by category, date or keyword (some are free, some are for-sale). You can also post your own modules here to share with the community.
DNN Events
DotNetNuke calendar of events. Find user group meetings in your area and more.
DNN Bug Tracker
DotNetNuke bug tracker. Learn about bugs and fixes, or report bugs that you've found.
DNN Licensing Information
DotNetNuke licensing and copyright information.
DNN Philosophy
Learn about the philosophy of DotNetNuke.
DNN History
A brief history of DotNetNuke.
DNN Support
Find out where you can find DotNetNuke support and help.
DNN Security
Check out how DotNetNuke can help you manage security on your web site.
Manage Your Site Content With DNN
Learn how you can use DotNetNuke manage your web site content and design through features including site settings, style sheets, site skins, modules, file management and more. DotNetNuke also allows you to manage your banner advertising and affiliate programs easily and efficiently.
DotNetNuke Key Features
Learn more about the key features of DotNetNuke including design, extensibility, scalability, manageability, efficiency, customization, security, localization, ease-of-use and more. DotNetNuke is also constantly evolving thanks to contributions from the community.
Introduction to DotNetNuke
Check out this introduction to DotNetNuke to learn more about this free, open-source web application framework. Includes a video introduction to DotNetNuke v3.0.
Start your research at Find downloads, community modules, forums, online help, a demo, project blogs, the security policy, Web hosting benefits, news, community events, a bug tracker, and more.

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