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Eclipse Resource Center


Eclipse Resources
Eclipse Platform Technical Overview
Whitepaper: "Eclipse Platform Technical Overview," provides a detailed introduction to the Eclipse platform, an a case study that shows you how Eclipse was used to create a Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment. Help System help system allows you to easily find answers to your Eclipse related questions. Topics include a workbench user guide, Java development user guide, platform plug-in developer guide, JDT plug-in developer guide, PDE guide, working with the agent controller, XSD programmer's guide, web applications development guide, EMF Service Data Objects (SDO) programmer's guide, visual editor for java user's guide, web standard tool developer guide, GMF developer guide, EMF programmer's guide, GEF and Draw2D plug-in developer guide, J2EE standard tools developer guide, TRTP tester guide, BIRT developer guide, and monitoring and analyzing performance.
Guidelines for Eclipse Developers
Guidelines for Developers: "Eclipse Development Process" provides valuable information for developers and companies participating in Eclipse open source projects.
The Guide to the Legal Documentation
Contributors, committers, redistributors, developers and users of Eclipse should read "The Guide to the Legal Documentation for Eclipse-Based Content."
Eclipse Public License
Read the Eclipse Public License v 1.0.
Eclipse Development Process
This paper describes the Eclipse development process and how you can get involved.
Eclipse Documentation
Download the latest Eclipse documentation including the Workbench User Guide, Java Development User Guide, PDE Guide, Platform Plug-In Developer Guide and the JDT Plug-In Developer Guide.
Eclipse API
Eclipse Platform API Specification.
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Eclipse Bugs
Report a bug, find bug reports or submit your feature requests to the project.
Eclipse Developers Wiki
Eclipse developers wiki. Learn how to report bugs, find answers, get code and commit code to the project.
Eclipse Project Site
Check out the Eclipse Project site to learn more about this Eclipse open source platform for building software. Site includes news, newsgroups, articles, community resources, downloads, projects and more.

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