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Eclipse Resource Center


Download Subclipse
Download Subclipse—a subversion plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. Site includes downloads, information about the latest release, articles and more.
Mastering Subversion in the Eclipse IDE
Article: "Mastering Subversion in the Eclipse IDE," by John Ferguson Smart. Topics include an introduction to software configuration management (SCM) and subversion, integrating the Subclipse plug-in with Eclipse, and using subversion in Eclipse.
Subclipse FAQ
Subclipse FAQ.
How to Use Subversion with Eclipse
Article: "How to Use Subversion with Eclipse," by Chris Herborth, a freelance writer and author. Topics include adding Subclipse to Eclipse and basic subversion operations.
Introducing Subversion
Article: "Introducing Subversion," by Elliotte Harold, Adjunct Professor, Polytechnic University. Topics include a brief history of version control, using subversion from an IDE, checking out a project, verifying the setup, synchronizing with the repository, merging, patching, diffing and deleting.
Using and Hacking Subclipse
Article: "Using and Hacking Subclipse—the Subversion Plugin for Eclipse," by Eugene Kuleshov (an independent consultant). Topics include installing Subclipse, configuring an SVN interface in Subclipse, connecting to an SVN repository on CodeShare, checking out existing projects from SVN, configuring an SVN repository for a new CodeShare project, working with an SVN repository and patching Subclipse.

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