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Firefox Resource Center
Firefox Tutorials
"How to Make a Firefox Avatar"
Tutorial: "How to Make a Firefox Avatar" made by JaGx, written by Tornadox. This is an 11-step method for developing an Avatar (animated character) in Firefox. To learn more about Avatars and online virtual worlds, check out our Virtual Worlds Resource Center.
"Making Firefox Look Like IE"
Tutorial: "Making Firefox Look Like IE" from Matt Albrecht's Weblog. This 11-step process walks through installing and configuring certain options so that the Firefox browser resembles Internet Explorer.
"How to Localize Mozilla"
Tutorial: "How to Localize Mozilla" from Discusses the steps to create a localized version of Mozilla, downloading the program, what needs to be localized, chrome files, profile defaults, using localization/leveraging tools, packaging, installing, XPI, full localized build, and submitting.
"XUL Localization"
Tutorial: "XUL Localization" from the Mozilla Developer Center. XUL is the XML User Interface Language which was developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Discusses entities, DTD files, declaring entities, changing the Find Files example, properties, bindings, binding example, XBL content, multiple children elements, inherited attributes, XBL interface, fields, properties, methods, accessing the anonymous content, constructors, destructors, event handlers, inheritance, autocompleting textboxes, slideshow element, creating another window, width, height, other window features, creating a dialog, dialog element, file pickers, wizards, handling page changes, complex wizard navigation, wizard functions, using overlays, duplicate content, placing overlaid elements, applying overlays to other packages, XPInstall packages, Install triggers, XPI archive, creating an Install script, component registry, Install initialization, setting Install files, Installer file manipulation, and handling errors.
"Firefox Extension Development"
Tutorial: "Firefox Extension Development" by Professor Ben Miller of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Discusses extensions, useful tools, environment overview, getting Firefox, Zip utility, file extensions, configuration files overview, install manifest, chrome, chrome manifest, GUIs overview, common elements, XUL overlays, JavaScript basics, working with the Document Object Model (DOM), preferences overview, setting defaults, referencing from JavaScript, creating a preferences pane, making XUL elements bind to preferences, more difficult preferences interfaces, localization overview, entities as string constants, language document template definition (DTD), referencing an entity in your application, supporting multiple locals, distribution overview, packaging, distribution, security, writing secure code, prevention, bugs, vulnerabilities, lessons from the Greasemonkey Security Flaw, and important security concepts. Each part of the tutorial has a list of suggested readings.
"Enhancing Firefox with Browser Extensions"
Tutorial: "Enhancing Firefox with Browser Extensions" by Lawrence Abrams of Bleeping Computer. Discusses what extensions are, finding and installing extensions, and using the extension manager to configure and remove extensions.
"Switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox"
Tutorial: " Switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox" by Lawrence Abrams of Bleeping Computer. Discusses tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker, extensions, profile manager, installing Firefox, exploring Firefox, and importing Internet Explorer settings into Firefox.
"Mozilla Firefox: RSS and Live Bookmarks"
Tutorial: "Mozilla Firefox: RSS and Live Bookmarks" by John Bokma. Discusses how to create a live bookmark, manually subscribing to an RSS feed, and how to get the orange icon on your site.
"Hack #38"
Tutorial: "Hack #38" from Firefox Hacks: Tips & Tools for the Next-Generation Web Browsing, March 2005, by Nigel McFarlane. Discusses installing extra stuff on the Firefox toolbars and using it for browsing in new ways, the InfoLister, displaying the InfoLister window, customizing the page, saving the page, Gmail notifier, installing the Gmail notifier, getting to your inbox, Gmail Notifier preferences, and Gmail tips.
"Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet"
Tutorial: "Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet" complete listing of keyboard and mouse shortcuts including general keyboard shortcuts, navigation keyboard shortcuts, text keyboard shortcuts, search keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, and tips and tricks.
"How Firefox Works"
Tutorial: "How Firefox Works" by Ed Grabianowski. Discusses Firefox features and extensions, tabbed browsing, popup blocker, open source, extensions and security, themes, dictionary search, FoxyTunes, gestures, ForecastFox, RadialContext, Ad block, and the history and the future of Firefox.
"Installing and Configuring Firefox"
Tutorial: "Installing and Configuring Firefox" from MPAM Rebooted. Discusses installation, getting themes, getting extensions, configuration through the menus, configuration through the configs files, pipelining, disabling JavaScript, pop-up blocking, and resizable frames.
"An Introduction to Mozilla Firefox"
Tutorials: "An Introduction to Mozilla Firefox" from Open Source Articles (OSA). Part 1 discusses installation and configuration, and the installer. Part 2 discusses the tabbing function, Part 3 discusses basic functions, commands and how to stop popups. Part 4 covers Firefox extensions. Part 5 discusses browsing history. Part 6 covers the download manager. Part 7 covers page setup, print preview and printing. Part 8 discusses bookmarks.

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