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Firefox Resource Center
Getting Help: Firefox Forums and FAQs
Earthlink Tools FAQ
FAQs for Earthlink tools for use with Firefox.
Linux User Firefox FAQ
FAQs for Linux users on plugins for Firefox.
MozillaZine Firefox FAQ
Firefox FAQs from MozillaZine. Categories include general FAQs, bookmarks, profiles, Internet search, extensions and themes, plugins, privacy and security, configuring and customizing Firefox, and miscellaneous topics.
Firefox FAQ
Mozilla's Firefox FAQs. The FAQs are broken down by category including general questions, plugins, extensions, migration, usage and troubleshooting.
Mozilla User Group
Mozilla user group.
Firefox New User Group
Firefox user group for new users.
Firefox Ideas and Tips Group
Firefox user group for exchanging ideas and tips.
Firefox Developers Group
Firefox user's group for developers, users, and experts to talk and exchange ideas and tips.
Firefox Use and Development Group
Google Group discusses Firefox's uses and developments.
Mozilla Google Group
Google Group for discussions on Mozilla-related topics.
Firefox Extension Google Group
Google Group discusses information on Firefox extensions for use on Google.
Firefox Google Group
Firefox support group on Google. Post questions and get help from other Firefox users.
Java User Firefox Group
Firefox user group for Java users.
Linux User Firefox Group
Firefox user group for Linux users.
Apple User Firefox Group
Firefox user group for Apple users.

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Update :: January 23, 2020