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Firefox Resource Center
Introduction to Firefox
"How Firefox Works"
Tutorial: " How Firefox Works" by Ed Grabianowski. Discusses Firefox features and extensions, tabbed browsing, popup blocker, open source, extensions and security, themes, dictionary search, FoxyTunes, gestures, ForecastFox, RadialContext, Ad block, and the history and the future of Firefox.
"What is Firefox?"
Article: "What is Firefox?" by Brian King. Discusses the evolving web, Firefox and web standards, extensibility, customization, and features of Firefox release 1.5.
"An Introduction to Mozilla Firefox"
Tutorials: "An Introduction to Mozilla Firefox" from Open Source Articles (OSA). Part 1 discusses installation and configuration, and the installer. Part 2 discusses the tabbing function, Part 3 discusses basic functions, commands and how to stop popups. Part 4 covers Firefox extensions. Part 5 discusses browsing history. Part 6 covers the download manager. Part 7 covers page setup, print preview and printing. Part 8 discusses bookmarks.
"Installing and Configuring Firefox"
Tutorial: "Installing and Configuring Firefox" from MPAM Rebooted. Discusses installation, getting themes, getting extensions, configuration through the menus, configuration through the configs files, pipelining, disabling JavaScript, pop-up blocking, and resizable frames.
The Mozilla Foundation
The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the Mozilla open source software project. Current Mozilla projects include Firefox (a Web browser), Thunderbird (an e-mail client), Mozilla Suite (Web browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and chat client), Bugzilla (bug-tracking system), Camino™ (Mac OS X Web browser) and the Mozilla Calendar Project.
Free: Web browser Firefox from Mozilla
Firefox 1.5 Features
Learn more about the features of the free Firefox 1.5 web browser.
Firefox Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Firefox. Discusses the history of the Firefox browser, future developments, features, criticisms, market adoption, references and external links.
"A Firefox Glossary"
"A Firefox Glossary" by Brian King. A complete listing of Firefox terms and their definitions.

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