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Firefox 3 Resource Center
Firefox 3 The Eluma Blog
Firefox 3 The Eluma Blog, posted by Paul Christen. Discusses the features of Firefox 3 including web access, offline access, local search, more search engine options, usability (including improved navigation, desk alerts options, the ability to collect, rate, tag and flag individual RSS items; the browser toolbar and automatic completion of tag names), and performance and additional platform support.
Firefox 3 Beta 4
Blog: "Firefox 3 Beta 4," posted by Jophefs. Discusses new features of Firefox 3 including malware protection (warns about sites that are likely to install viruses, spyware and a trojan), anti-virus integration (when downloading an executable Firefox will inform anti-virus software), one-click site information (this feature allows users to see who owns a site and to see if their connection is protected from eavesdropping), Vista parental controls (respects Vista parental control setting), the new download manager (search for downloaded files and resume downloading after restarting the browser), user can save tabs on exit, CSS improvements, offline support (enables web applications to provide offline functionality) and memory used over a web browsing session is reduced.
Mozilla Developer News: Firefox 3
Blog: "Mozilla Developer News: Firefox 3." Discusses improved security features, ease of use features, personalization features, improved platform features and performance improvements.

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