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Firefox 3 Resource Center
Firefox 3 Download
Free Firefox 3 download with the Google toolbar. The site also lists the backend changes including the implementation of Gecko 1.9 (an updated layout engine), the implementation of web APIsIn particular (making Firefox 3 the first release of a Mozilla browser to pass the Acid2 test, a standards-compliance test for web-page rendering), support for offline web applications, cross-site XMLHttpRequest, and APNG support; frontend changes including a new redesigned download manager with built-in search, a new plug-in manager, a Download Manager in Windows XP, and will use the new Places system for storing bookmarks and history in an SQLite backend.
Freeware MozBackup is a backup tool for Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Flock, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Spicebird and Netscape. The tool allows users to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, and more.

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: November 15, 2019