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Firefox 3 Resource Center
On Firefox 3 and Microformats
Article: "On Firefox 3 and Microformats with Michael Kaply," by Percy Cabello. Discusses microformat support in Firefox 3, Operator (a Firefox microformat support module developed by Michael Kaply), what the semantic web means and the role of microformats, what microformats already exist, microformat standardization, and what can we expect from Operator?.
Microformats: The User Interface
Article: "Microformats: The User Interface of Microformat Detection," by Alex Faaborg. Discusses the user interface of microformat detection, integrating microformat detection UI into the browser Chrome, the location bar, sidebars, sub-page history, sub-page favorites, the need for microformat detection in context, acting on one item out of a small number of items, acting on all items, learning from past mistakes, modal designs, non-modal designs, why should Firefox display microformated content in the page?, giving web designers control, and a new version of Operator.

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Update :: November 17, 2019