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Firefox Ultimate Tutorial: Faster, Uncluttered And
Video: "Firefox Ultimate Tutorial: Faster, Uncluttered and More Efficient," by Jimmy R. on Metacafe. This 15-minute video discusses bookmarks, the tiny menu extension, tab mix plus, add-ons, themes, the whitehart extension, customizing Firefox, layouts, single window mode, Java scripts, events, tabs, tab formatting, rows, sessions, the restore function, Quick Search, media tabs and making Firefox faster.
Firefox Videos on Metacafe
Videos: "Firefox Videos on Metacafe." There are 370 Firefox videos available. Topics include "Speed Up Firefox by 300%," "Favorite Firefox Extensions," "Firefox—Hidden Pages," "Unofficial Google Translate Firefox Extension," "Firefox 3 Beta Mini Review," "Firefox Tweaks—Make Firefox Faster," "Accelerate Your Firefox," "Reveal Passwords in Firefox," "Backup Firefox Addons, Themes, Passwords, and Bookmarks," "How To: Secrets of Firefox—Lower Firefox RAM Usage Tweak," and many more.

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Update :: November 15, 2019