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Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Resource Center


New Features in IE7
"ActiveX Security: Improvements & Best Practices"
Article: "ActiveX Security: Improvements and Best Practices" by Sarah Cohen and Rob Franco of Microsoft. Discusses what's new in IE7 for ActiveX, principles of secure design for ActiveX, threat modeling, secure development practices, and secure testing practices.
"HTTPS Security Improvements in IE7"
Article: "HTTPS Security Improvements in Internet Explorer 7" by Eric Lawrence of Microsoft. Topics include understanding the compatibility impact, how to work around the compatibility impact, and how you can take advantage of HTTPS security improvements.
"Internationalized Domain Name Support in IE7"
Article: "Internationalized Domain Name Support in Internet Explorer 7," by Eric Lawrence of Microsoft. Discusses the change in IE7 to allow navigation to Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) that use Unicode characters from all languages.
"Finding Security Compatibility Issues in IE7"
Article: "Finding Security Compatibility Issues in Internet Explorer 7" by Tariq Sharif of Microsoft.
Internet Explorer Beta 2 Information Index
Information index for Internet Explorer Beta 2.
IE7 New Features
Discusses new features of IE7 including dynamic security protection, fast and easy search, and enhancements for Web developers.
"Layout Complete Announced at MIX06"
Blog entry: "Layout Complete Announced at MIX06" Discusses the announcement that IE7 is now "layout complete"—no additional layout features are planned for IE7. Also shows you some of the elements that you can use to make your sites look great in IE7.
"Better Web site Identification and Extended..."
Blog entry: "Better Web site Identification and Extended Validation Certificates in IE7 and Other Browsers." Highlights the discussions between the makers of popular browsers including IE7, Firefox, Opera and Konqueror, to put Web sites through a more challenging identification process to ensure security for users. Provides details about Microsoft's new phishing filter in IE7 that warns users when visiting known or suspected phishing sites.
"The Keyboard Lover's Guide to IE7"
Blog entry: "The Keyboard Lover's Guide to IE7" shows you some of the new keyboard shortcuts in IE7. Learn the key combinations to open a tab in the background, open a tab in the foreground, switch between tabs, zoom in and out, open your favorites center, and more.

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