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Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Resource Center


Search in Internet Explorer 7
"Search in IE7: Part 2"
Blog entry: "Search in IE7: Part 2" discusses how to easily change the default search provider in IE7.
"Searching is Better in Beta 2!"
Blog entry: "Searching is Better in Beta 2!" by Aaron Sauvé of Microsoft. Discusses the window.external.AddSearchProvider and Search Discovery extensibility mechanisms that allows you to easily add search providers to IE7.
Web Search for IE7 Toolbar
Add Web search and topic search providers to your IE7 toolbar search box. Web search providers include Google,, AOL, Lycos, MSN and Yahoo!. Topic search providers include, Amazon,,, eBay, ESPN,, MTV, Target,,, Wal-mart,, Wikipedia, and USA Today.
"Search in IE7"
Blog entry: "Search in IE7" overviews how search works in IE7.

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