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Linux Resource Center


Linux History
Early Linux Posts by Linus Torvalds
Learn more about the early stages of Linux by reading some of Linus Torvalds' early postings to the comp.os.minix newsgroup announcing the Linux operating system.
"Linux 2.4"
Article: "Linux 2.4," by Bill and Patrick McCarty. Discusses the features in the Linux 2.4 kernel.
"The Wonderful World of Linux 2.2"
Article: "The Wonderful World of Linux 2.2—'Revised Millennium Penguin' Version," by Joseph Pranevich. Discusses the features of the Linux 2.2.x kernel.
"Counting Source Lines of Code (CSLOC)"
"Counting Source Lines of Code (CSLOC)" site includes numerous facts and statistics pertaining to Linux.
Linux 2.6 Release Notes v=1.0.9
Linux version 2.6 release notes.
Linux Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Linux includes a section on the history of the Linux operating system.

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