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Linux Resource Center


Linux News and Resource Sites is a Linux and BSD news site.
Linux for Embedded Systems
Provides articles and resources on Linux for embedded systems and discusses how Linux scales to devices such as cell phones and PDAs.
Linux Magazine Online
Online version of Linux Magazine, which provides articles, guides and tutorials for Linux systems.
Linux Scalability Effort
Home to the Linux Scalability Effort, an organization dedicated to porting Linux to larger and more complex computer systems.
The Linux Journal Web Site
The Linux Journal Web site provides numerous articles on Linux. Be sure to search the “Linux Kernel” category.
Linux 2.4 Documentation
Provides documentation of the Linux version 2.4 virtual memory system, which remains largely intact in version 2.6. The documents include a comprehensive discussion of Linux virtual memory and a companion code commentary.
Programming for the Linux Environment
Focuses on programming for the Linux environment, including details on programming kernel modules and adding entries to the proc file system.
Linux Documentation Project
Part of the Linux Documentation Project hosted at that discusses Linux kernel internals. The Linux Documentation Project provides many guides, HowTos and FAQs for those interested in the kernel, and for users and administrators.
Provides updated Linux information including news, development status and links to documentation, distributions, applications, source code and other resources.
Linux Resource Index
Provides an index of categorized links to a selection of online Linux resources. Categories include kernel, documentation, distributions, security and privacy, graphics and software applications.
Linux Source Code
Contains a cross-reference to recent releases of the Linux source code. Users can navigate the source code specific to an architecture and version number, search the source for identifiers and other text, and compare two different versions of the source side by side.
Official site for hosting the latest Linux kernel releases. It also includes a brief description of Linux and contains links to Linux resources.
Linux resource site includes downloads for several Linux distributions, Linux news, applications, tips, product guides, "Howtos" (tutorials) and more.
Newsforge is an online resource for Linux and open source news.

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Update :: November 15, 2019