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Linux Process Management: Process Scheduling
The Linux Process Manager
The Linux Process Manager by John O'Gorman
"Introduction to Linux Process Scheduling"
Lecture slides: "Introduction to Linux Process Scheduling."
"Process Scheduling in Linux"
Lecture slides: "Process Scheduling in Linux" by Zhao Xiaodong.
"The Linux Process Scheduler"
Article: "The Linux Process Scheduler" from the book, Linux Kernel Development, by Robert Love. Topics include I/O-bound versus processor-bound processes, process priority, timeslice, process preemption, and the scheduling policy in action.
"Process Scheduling"
Tutorial: "Process Scheduling" discusses the two functions used in process scheduling: the schedule() function and the do_timer() function that updates the times of the processes.
"Linux Process Scheduling"
Tutorial: "Linux Process Scheduling" by Andreas Schlapbach. Topics include scheduling concepts used by Linux, Linux scheduling—the code, and time accounting.
"Process Scheduling"
Sample chapter: "Process Scheduling" from the book, Understanding the Linux Kernel, by Daniel P. Bovet and Marco Cesati. Topics include scheduling policy, the scheduling algorithm, system calls related to scheduling, and anticipating Linux 2.4.

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Update :: November 15, 2019