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Linux Tutorials and HowTos
"System Administration and Configuration" HowTo
Linux HowTo: "System Administration and Configuration." Topics include configuration and installation, benchmarking, clustering, backup, recovery, and security.
Linux "Other (Human) Languages" HowTo
Linux HowTo: "Other (Human) Languages." Topics include language support and using specific languages.
Linux "Programming" HowTo
Linux HowTo: "Programming." Topics include general, compilers, languages, libraries, interfaces/API/protocols, security, tools, version control, databases and more.
Linux "Applications/GUI/Multimedia" HowTo
Linux HowTo: "Applications/GUI/Multimedia." Topics include installing applications, users applications, server applications, GUI/Windows managers, and multimedia.
Linux "Networking" HowTo
Linux HowTo: "Networking." Topics include general protocols, dial-up, DNS, VPNs, bridging, routing, security and telephony.
Linux "Hardware" HowTo
Linux HowTo: "Hardware." Topics include general, platforms, video cards, CPUs/architectures, CD/DVD drives, optical disks, keyboard and console, digital cameras, graphic tablets, diskettes, hard disks, mice, modems, printers, scanners, routers, serial ports, sound cards, tape drives, touch screens and more.
"The Linux OS" HowTo
Linux HowTo: "The Linux OS." Topics include getting started, switching from other operating systems, distributions, installation, kernel, boot loaders and booting the OS, filesystems, RAID, printing, Shell and using Linux.
"The Wonderful World of Wikis"
Tutorial: "The Wonderful World of Wikis: Create and Maintain Any Kind of Content, Quickly and Easily," by Michael J. Jordan. Shoes you how to create your own wiki and add content.
"How to Manipulate Sound Files with SoX"
Tutorial: "How to Manipulate Sound Files with SoX: The Wonderful World of Editing Sound Files on the Command Line," by Michael J. Jordan. Shows you how to use several features of SoX (Sound eXchange) for various effects.
Lowfatlinux Linux Tutorial
Linux tutorial covers file systems, useful commands, text editors, data manipulation, shell programming, email tools, compression, encoding, encryption, accessing DOS and Windows files, and adding and removing software with RPM.
"Linux Survival"
Tutorial: "Linux Survival," is a four-module course that covers Linux basics to help you get started using the Linux operating system. Module 1 covers directory structure, directory listing, viewing file contents, creating directories, moving and renaming files, changing to other directories, and finding your current location. Module 2 covers path names, copying files, removing files, removing directories, file security, changing files permissions, wildcards, and group memberships. Module 3 covers home directories, manual pages, user information, finding files, concatentating files, redirecting output, print job status, and canceling print jobs. Module 4 covers copying trees, disk space, removing trees, process status, piping output, pattern matching, and killing processes. Each module concludes with a quiz. Linux Tutorials
Extensive series of Linux tutorials covering installation, basic Linux, Linux workstation configuration and use, Linux-based office LAN server configuration and use, Linux-based Internet server configuration and use, static and dynamic Web content, Linux software applications, email, programming and more.
Introduction to Linux Tutorial
Linux tutorial covers an introduction to operating systems, Linux basics, working with the system, shells and utilities, editing files, basic administration, the operating system, the X Windowing System, networking, system monitoring, security, installing and upgrading, Linux and Windows, and more.
"Getting the most out of Linux"
Tutorial: "Linux Online's Linux Course for Intermediate Level Users: Getting the most out of Linux," by Michael Jordan. Extensive 17-lesson free Linux tutorial. Sections include the author's guide to the intermediate course, system administration, installation tasks, backing up systems, users on a system, automation of tasks, other routine tasks, security issues, administration tools and their uses, text editors, using the Vi editor, using Emacs, other test editors, text processing and manipulation, Perl, system services, and the Linux kernel.
"YoLinux Tutorial: Linux System Administration"
Tutorial: "YoLinux Tutorial: Linux System Administration." Topics include monitoring the system, filesystems and storage devices, mounting CDs, system users, system updates, system logs, finding files, scheduling tasks, security, managing time, Perl administration, file compression/decompression, backups using TAR (tape archive), system fixes and more.
"Getting Started With Linux"
Tutorial: "Getting Started with Linux," by Michael Jordan. Extensive 19-lesson free Linux tutorial. Lessons include getting started with Linux, installation of Debian GNU/Linux, working with Linux, creating your 'routine' in Linux, day to day with Linux, shells in Linux, plumbing with "pipes" in Linux, how to get more information with Linux, other interesting and useful commands, power user commands, miscellaneous commands, becoming a super user, commands to control your system, file permissions in Linux, backing up your files, installing new programs, printing under Linux, getting Linux to make sounds, and graphic user interfaces with Linux.

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