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Linux User Interface
"The Debate about Linux Interface Flexibility"
Article: " The Debate about Linux User Interface Flexibility" by Daniel M. Duley, discusses how different Linux vendors approach configurability of the Linux desktop.
"Novell Seeks to Boost Linux Graphics"
Article: "Novell Seeks to Boost Linux Graphics" by Stephen Shankland. Discusses Xgl, software that increases speed at which Linux displays text, and enables you to create transparent objects, 3D effects and more.
Linux Interface Tool Downloads
Download user interface collection Linux tools.
"Optimizing Linux's User Interface"
Article: "Optimizing Linux's User Interface" by Jeff Arnholt. Discusses customizing X-Windows window managers.
"Getting a Better Linux User Interface"
Article: "Getting a Better Linux User Interface" by Wayne Hazell. Discusses how to install and configure some of the popular graphical user interfaces.

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