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MySQL Resource Center


MaxDB: MySQL for the Enterprise
MaxDB: MySQL for the Enterprise, by John L Singleton
MySQL MaxDB Forum
MySQL MaxDB forum.
MaxDB PHP Extension
MaxDB PHP extension. Includes documentation and examples.
MaxDB Setup and Administration on Linux
Documentation: "MaxDB Setup and Administration on Linux," by Martin Cordova.
Creating the Database Manager CLI
Tutorial: "Creating the Database Manager CLI."
Backup and Recovery of MaxDB Using CLI
Tutorial: "Backup and Recovery of MaxDB Using the Database Manger CLI (Command Line Interface)."
How to Install and Drop MaxDB Instances
Tutorial: "How to Install and Drop MaxDB Instances."
SQL Tutorial: Using SQL with MaxDB
Tutorial: "SQL Tutorial: Using SQL with MaxDB."
MaxDB Glossary
MaxDB glossary.
MaxDB—The Professional DBMS
Whitepaper: "MaxDB—The Professional DBMS." Topics include an introduction to MaxDB, MaxDB concepts, MaxDB tools, MaxDB APIs, secure communication and authentication and more.
MaxDB Mailing List
MaxDB mailing list.
MaxDB Wiki
MaxDB wiki. Discusses tools, program specifications, support, licensing, prominent users and more.
MaxDB Documentation
MaxDB documentation. Includes whitepapers, a tutorial, FAQ and more.
Download MaxDB
Download MaxDB—an open-source, SAP-certified database for OLTP and OLAP. Designed for use with large mySAP Business Suite environments and applications requiring enterprise-level database functionality.

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Update :: January 17, 2020