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AltaVista (Overture)
Toolbar Features
AltaVista's complete list of toolbar features.
AltaVista Toolbar
Download the free AltaVista toolbar for web search, site search, translation, and the popup blocker .
Babel Fish
Use AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation to translate text or an entire web site. Select the language from and to which to translate. You can also add Babel Fish Translation to your web site
AltaVista Search Settings
Customize your AltaVista search settings. Options include country, language of search results, and a family filter.
AltaVista Advanced Search
Perform a more targeted search using AltaVista's advanced search options.
AltaVista Search
Use AltaVista to search by keyword or select one of the tabs for more targeted searches including images, MP3/audio, video and news. You can also search by country and languages. Save your settings for future searches.

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: January 17, 2020