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Create Your Own Vertical Search Engine: Gigablast
Add a Gigablast Search
Add a Gigablast search to your site so that users can search within your site and any other sites your specify.
Gigablast Hosted Search
Gigablast Hosted Search provides large-scale search solutions for organizations. You provide the specifications for the index and Gigablast provides the hosting, construction, management and maintenance of custom index.
Gigablast Search Box
Add a Gigablast search box to your web site.
Custom Search
Create your own custom topic search on Gigablast.
XML Search Feed
Learn more about the XML search feed.
Gigablast Features
Check out the features of Gigablast including scalability, efficiency, the Gigabot spider, intelligent updates, spam protection, history cache multiple formats and more.
Gigablast Software License
Gigablast software license information.
Gigablast allows you to create your own vertical search engine, drawing from content from up to 500 web sites. Results can be returned in XML, allowing you to customize the format of the results to best suite your needs

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Update :: January 17, 2020