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Create Your Own Vertical Search: Google Co-op
Google Co-op
Be a part of the community working to improve Google search by participating in Google Co-op. Create a specialized search for a given topic and select the sites that provide the best, authoritative coverage of that topic. You can also contribute to specialized searches currently under development at Google (topics currently include destination guides, health, autos, computer and video games, photo and video equipment, and stereo and home theater). For a walkthrough of all of the Google services, check out our Google Services Resource Center.
Co-op Topics FAQ
Google Co-op topics FAQ.
Co-op Topics Developer Guide
Read the Google Co-op Topics Developer Guide. Topics include an introduction to Google Co-op, contributing to existing topics, creating a new topic and getting help.
Google Coop Forum
Chat with other users in the Google Co-op discussion forum.
Subscribed Links Developers Guide
Google Subscribed Links Developers Guide. Topics include creating subscribed links, advanced features, best practices, testing and troubleshooting and getting help.
Benefits and Drawbacks
Blog entry discusses the benefits and drawbacks of Google Co-op.
"How to Use Google Co-op" archive/2006-05-11-n40.html
Blog entry: "How to Use Google Co-op" by Philipp Lenssen, a full-time blogger who writes about Google. Includes an introduction to Google Co-op, and discusses what the user sees and how developers can make it work.
Google Co-op FAQ.
Google Co-op Directory
Check out the Google Co-op Directory subscribe to features developed by others that you can add to your Google search.

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Update :: January 17, 2020