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Podcast Searches
Podzinger Search
Search for audio and video podcasts online using Podzinger.
"Where to Submit Your Podcasts"
Article: "Where to Submit Your Podcasts: Best Podcast Search Engines and Directories," by Robin Good. Discusses the best sites for podcast search engines and directories.
All Podcasts Category List
All Podcasts' podcasts by category list. When you select a category you are then given a list of all topics that fall under that category listing. After you select a topic from your category you get a list of podcasts for that topic (at the top of the list is the number of podcasts that were found).
All Podcasts Search
All Podcasts' podcast search. Basic search options include podcast series, podcast episodes, RSS feed URL, and Episode GUID.
Digital Podcast Search
Digital Podcast's podcast search. You can enter a category, keyword or phrase to search or you can select from a list of categories. Other features include a listing of new podcasts, featured casts, top rated podcasts, podcasts with the most voting points, podcasts with the most subscriptions and podcasts with the most visits. Search's podcast search. You can search podcasts by title and description, keywords, location, host or episodes. You can also select the "Browse Tags" by selecting a letter of the alphabet you are given a list of all topics starting with that letter. Next to each entry in a list is the number of podcasts for that topic. A list of popular topics is also shown on the search page, next to each entry in this list are the number of podcasts in that topic. The site also lists the top 10 tags and a list of newly added podcasts.
Yahoo! Search
Search for podcasts on Yahoo. You can either enter you own topic or select on of the topics listed under "Main Categories" or "Popular Tags." In addition, there is an area for "What we like this week" that allows you to listen or subscribe to a podcast. The "What other people like" area lists the most popular podcasts. You can listen to these podcasts or subscribe to them.
Podcast Alley Search
Podcast Alley podcast search. You can search by "Genre" (topic) or enter your search keywords or phrase in the textbox provided. There is also a list of the "Featured Podcasts," "The Top 10 Podcasts" for the current month, "Five random Podcasts," and "Five Newest Podcasts."

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Update :: January 17, 2020