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Search Comparison Site
Compares the search features of Google, Yahoo! search and
Twingine allows you to view Google and Yahoo! search results side-by-side.
"Beyond Google and Yahoo: Advanced Search"
Conference presentation: "Beyond Google and Yahoo: Advanced Search" by Sabrina Pacifici of and Tom Mighell of Inter Alia (April 2006).
"How Search Engines Work"
Blog entry: "How Search Engines Work" by Danny Sullivan of Discusses crawler-based search engines, human-powered directories, hybrid search engines and more.
Metasearch Engine Wiki
Wikipedia entry provides a brief introduction to metasearch engines.
Search Engine Directory
Directory of search engines organized by category. Categories include meta search engines, regional search engines, pay-per-click search engines, email-based search engines, clustering search engines, answer-based search engines, Google-based search engines, Yahoo!-based search engines, job search engines, shopping search engines, blog search engines, news search engines, BitTorrent search engines, medical search engines, and business search engines.
Search Engine Wiki
Wikipedia entry for search engines. Topics include a history of search engines and the top three search engines (Google, Yahoo! and MSN), challenges faced by the search engines, how search engines work, storage costs and crawling time, geospacially enabled search engines, and more.

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