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Skype Resource Center


Skype Articles and Blog Entries
"Interviews Via Skype"
Blog entry entitled, “Interviews Via Skype,” provides instructions achieving high-quality recordings of interviews conducted over Skype.
"Skype Recordings as Learning Resources?"
Article discusses the possibilities for using Skype as a tool for learning and teaching.
"Using Skype as a Community Media Production Tool"
Article entitled “Using Skype as a Community Media Production Tool” discusses how anyone can use Skype to conduct and record interviews.
"Skype + Podcast Recorder= Skypcasters"
Blog entry entitled “Skype + Podcast Recorder = SkypCasters” shows how to create a SkypeCast using interviews and conference call conversations on Skype.
"Simple, Free, Not Perfect"
Article entitled “Net Calling Service Skype: Simple, Free, Not Perfect” discusses the pros and cons of Skype and compares it to similar services.
"Internet Phone Service Creating Chatty Network"
Article entitled “Internet Phone Service Creating Chatty Network” discusses how people are connecting with others worldwide using Skype.
Skype Google Group
Google Group for Skype. Ongoing chat forum for Skype users to post messages, ask for help from other users and share opinions about equipment and services.
"Motorola to Build Skype Ready Phones, Headsets"
Article entitled “Motorola to Build Skype-Ready Cell Phones, Headsets” discusses Morotola’s plans to build Skype into new products.
"Skype to Make U.S. Retail Debut"
Article entitled “Skype to Make U.S. Retail Debut” announces a deal with RadioShack to sell the Skype Starter Kit.
Skype Partner Push,1895,1892445,00.asp
Article announcing Skype’s partnerships with RadioShack and Motorola
"Skype Has People Talking"
Article entitled “Skype has People Talking” provides a positive review of Skype’s service and features, but also points out some of its drawbacks, such as lack of 911 capability.
"Skype Peer-to-Peer Internet Telephone Protocol"
Paper entitled “Analysis of the Skype Peer-to-Peer Internet Telephony Protocol” analyzes several Skype functions.
"Can 9 Million Skype Users Be Wrong"

Article entitled “Can 9 Million Skype Users be Wrong,” discusses the auditing and monitoring challenges for corporate security officers.

President/COO of Corante on Skype
Blog entry from the President/COO of Corante regarding his personal experiences using Skype.
"Why eBay Bought Skype"
Article entitled “Why eBay Bought Skype.”
Outlook Toolbar Review
Blog entry provides a review of the Skype Toolbar for Outlook. Walks through the installation and features.
VoIP Tutorial
Tutorial describes VoIP is and how it works. It then discusses Skype, walks through the installation and the user interface, and finally tests the program and provides a short (but positive) evaluation.
"What is Skype"
Article entitled “What is Skype” discusses the “viral” phone service, how it works, its limitations and more.
Build a Skype VoIP Adapter
Instructions for creating your own Skype VoIP phone adapter.
"Send in the Skype Clones"
Article entitled “Send in the Skype Clones” discusses the Skype competitors including Gizmodo and Wengophone.
"Hyped Over Skype"
Article entitled, “Hyped over Skype: The Dynamic Duo of Internet Phone Service Now have to Make Good after Their Billion-Dollar Deal with eBay,” provides a glimpse inside the company, background on its two founders and prospects for the company’s future.
Linksys CT200 Product Review
Blog entry reviews the Linksys CIT200 Skype phone.
"eBay to Buy Skype in 2.6bn Deal"
Article entitled, “eBay to Buy Skype in $2.6bn Deal,” discusses the reasons why eBay purchased Skype and Skype’s expected growth.
"Build a Skype Phone"
Learn how to turn an old wireless phone into a Skype phone.
"Skype, Putting the Hype in VoIP"
Article entitled “Skype: Putting the Hype in VoIP” discusses how Skype’s peer-to-peer technology will make VoIP extremely popular.
Skype Video
Article announcing the launch of Skype video. Also mentions some of the competing services.
"Skype Launched Premium Services",aid,120481,00.asp
Article entitled “Skype Launched Premium Services” discusses the SkypeIn service that allows Skype users to also contact non-Skype users.
Port-o-Skype Blog Entry
Blog entry announcing Port-o-Skype—a 32MB USB drive preloaded with Skype so users can take their contacts with them and use Skype from anywhere.
Skype 2.0 Blog
Blog entry discusses the release of Skype 2.0 with video.
PC Magazine Review,4149,1402336,00.asp
PC Magazine’s review of Skype.
Skype Wiki
Wikipedia entry on Skype.
Skype Journal
Skype Journal is a blog dedicated to Skype news, product releases, tips and tricks and more. Includes user feedback.

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